Aelia restaurant

Refinement and authenticity

These are the words that describe the ambience and philosophy of Aelia Resto.

Discover the Mediterranean Gastronomy enriched with the creative imagination of our chef. Our food is prepared with the freshest of products. Our menu treads skillfully between traditional cuisine and culinary inventiveness.

Your eyes will be delighted with the cozy, unobtrusive surroundings and your mouth with superlative flavors touched by a hint of exoticism.

Aelia resto loves good wine

Such food deserves a carefully chosen wine list with a portfolio of both domestic and international producers.

The exceptional wine list will surprise even the most demanding of wine lovers!

A few words about our chef

Stamatios Markianos Synagris Alexander. He was born on 5/8/1969 in Glyfada, Attica. He studied at the School of Tourism Professions of Anavyssos and was a candidate for a scholarship. He is a graduate of  the GASTGEWERBEFACHSCH SCHOOL  as well as the OZEKI COOKING SCHOOL. He has attended intensive seminars in Singapore such as carving butterfruit and ice. Worked in luxury restaurants in America next to celebrities CHEF. He has many years of experience in Europe, has received awards in global competitions and Olympiads as well as awards in Michelin restaurants around the world. Although he is a connoisseur of world cuisine and having 35 active years his passion and love is in Greek creative cuisine. He has collaborated in tv shows as executive food styling in Greece such as Open TV and ZDF  Germany with the famous chef Frank Rossini. Many of his colleagues call him the Picasso of Greek gastronomy, as his dishes stand out for their impeccable visual harmony on culinary small wonders. He is a member of the Greek gastronomy chefs’ club as well as a certified cooking teacher of the Academy of Gastronomy Greece.